Friday, January 07, 2011

My heart is falling for you…

My heart is falling from the sky very deep inside of yours.

How wonderful is have this feelings coming through.

I’m in love with you..

Like a miracle, like a magical song….without beginning and end.

Because when is true…is an endless feeling song…

I love you, I do love you today…My endless soul is drinking yours in a miracle,

Insatiable intoxicate LOVE, my adorable mystic man.

From of nowhere you become my special one…

Simple and Magic I’m giving all my senses to you.

Now you are my present, my close future.

my song is being in love with you.

I had been touch by your sense, by your soul, your hands your song…

So nice elixir be in love with you…

In your eyes I’m, I had feelings as I falling for you…

Hold me tight my Love…I want to be in your arms for ever there.

How special it’s this new feeling…how is this new elixir,

evolve in a mix of feelings.

what a nice intoxication is be in love with you.

Drowning into you love….everything work perfect into your arms.

Forever the songs have a meaning, have rhythm,have emotions, passion, love

And have the essence of your own song soul .

My heart is falling for you...I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Magical Hope!...

I been traveling in the waves of the learning truth and waiting for the magical time come,

As a masterpiece show up from the nowhere what magical mystical hope. you as peaceful,

with grace and charm touch with words my heart,

could imagine that I smile every time that hear your voice…

What a nice butterflies inside with emotions and happiness you are making me to feel through.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Poems...

Waiting for you!

I’m here between papers and memories

I’m here waiting in agony

I’m here dreaming how I can touch you soul.

I’m here as you are somewhere.

I’m here with my pencil in hands

I’m here sewing my wings to fly.

I’m here with hope of love to go

I’m here with my cold world.

I’m here ready to fly!.

I’m here and you?...somewhere

Where maybe is not time for be alive.

Impossible love don’t go.

Take me with you aside to your side.

Take me because the time is ghost

Take me today, because tomorrow is gone.

Magical Love!

For you every thing is good,

Every float and goes.

For you as miracle come,

Every moment is a magical song.

For you painters dream,

Every dream as a masterpiece,

For you writers and artists use,

Magical Love! drink my heart

that I’m ready for.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is Spring really here yet! knows where go...

Today another day, nice and sunshine, is spring here yet?…LOVE IS THE AIR, probably constantly in my head…Silly and talkative as I describe my self, witty and smart, with passion and in my heart and veins…probably part of my Latin blood sometimes foolish and naive…
Positive, and with goals to go for…I been accomplish and fixing my fence to protect me and go on in my life, ready and making solutions and moving on…living in a new page, and looking for places where the sun is nice and for ever warm…
Who will think that in my age I’m again single in my second round, not because I want to, just because life make learn, but I don’t regret what I been true…sure the pot with golden coins full of happiness and love are in somewhere with somebody else. That magical place not yet been found…but I feel that soon will be and my eternal search for my lovely soul mate will be done, but really is here in my heart…noting make change how really I’m.
I trust and love God how holds my hand and here in the middle of nowhere he’s still with me and is everywhere.
Life is a road with many surprises to pick up...
Hopping soon my ever after is coming my way and full fill my days and nights for enjoy the simples moments, when the sun arise and you have somebody with to enjoy the weak up the birds and butterflies that glow…and you can play to stay or fool in bed…
Is better live and enjoy life with the special one…silly and dreaming again that's how just I’m…

Sunday, March 02, 2008

cafe Mocha

2252008-is it was a dream??? between enchanted and reality…
ReallyI was in different world finally after know him for two years I had the opportunity to meet him face to face, little nervous but all go away was like dream, I had impress his smile, his eyes nice blue eyes, like crystals, like the ocean and sky with infinite mystery inside. I love his warm tone of voice is in my memory…was like I been in heaven, happy very happy, we talk of many things, I was little bit talkative, but was the emotion to be with him, between sips of late and cappuccino we enjoy of a nice afternoon the weather was incredible good, like angels been witness of our meeting…, after he invited me for a dinner was a nice surprise and I love it, he offer me his arms to walk so kind and gentlemen, I think nobody did before, well my father.
We smile back and for…I wish I’ll be in his eyes again, in his thoughts, and in his memory for ever. That moment is forever mine, but as always dreams are dreams…and the reality is other, but that magical moment nobody will take away from me, now is here inside of my heart ready…I know how I’m and I’ll be romantic Latin women, simples moments are very important and touch my heart.
The sushi was good, first time, or second but in dreams time don’t count, so was my first. Between talk he touch nice and softly my hands and look my eyes, is he really interesting in me? That how I was thinking, how to know…more older and wise…and I don’t care I’ll like him in my life…but the time will talk, I wait how long to meet him and how more long to know him inside, his soul, his ideas, his dreams…I want be part of him and be with him. We enjoy and we return to the hotel, and remind me about the ex-rays so he fallows me to the room, I wish I was fuller and crazy to steal more kisses. But I just let him hug me nice and warm against his body, I wish still there between his arms…was a nice touch of lips; tomorrow will be a week of ours first meeting…in dreams.
My nice a real dream…nice get up between covers and had that emotion turbulent inside of the euphoria that make me feel alive…full of energy…I’m a lover of LOVE…dreaming if some day he’ll be no only a dream…will be my fantasy alive between covers and fire…for ever…How wonderful is dream with you!...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Moving on...

After two years moving my life is moving on…with the optimistic attitude, the time teach us, what a good University I’m just learning about people, God, and culture.

I’m the same artist, with same dreams and probably more wise now…the time teach you, and God make me more strong inside to face adversity, I just let that He help me to handle all the hurricanes that I been true, my ship still floating soon I’ll arrive a save land where all the opportunities come in easy way, dream don’t cost nothing besides I been working hard too.

Last year against the constantly back pain until the sharp knife cut it all, was gone after 4 hours never I been in a hospital before, I felt that I know everything, and everybody was nice, was a proof that God was with me all time, I was a lone/ no it all, later I realize that I was brave, that feelings that he always been in my life made to desires go to a Mission with the Key Ministries group from MN to Hermosillo in Mexico, long trip in a bus, what adventurous time just after Christmas where I heal my heart in some way, share my fears and lonely time with other Christians want to share their time in name of God, I decide to help with the translation and I did, I felt that I did a little over there…12 days went fast…I was still wearing my plastic brace really nothing in style but, was the idea to help that motivate me to go.

Life challenge me some times…and why not take that chances!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Any day any where..

Will be a magical situation, if we can open the eyes and move to different place.?!! the art in my veins & spirit made me dream, is hard swim against of the current, I feel a trap in the middle the no where, little town, far a way of my roots, I miss the typical and warm weather, sometimes to hot. But I’m here. With to many ideas, and project, that I don’t know how keep going, I miss work in the advertising field, where I grow up, and enjoy, Illustrator as I’m, have my hands tied up. Here far away of Ecuador.. Nobody knows me????. But some day some where… hope soon.. The door will be open for me.